Donors are very important to the success of our cause. It is our sponsors that help support each riding program we organize. Thus to ensure the continuation of our horseback riding programs for the disabled, we will need your support.

There are many ways you can support our work at Bannockburn Riding. We will always appreciate your kind support. You can raise funds to support our programs, also you can also make a donation of a horse. If you have a middle-aged horse that is due for partial retirement, we will be happy to care for your horse while it would be useful for our therapeutic riding program.

Your generous support helps to pay each rider’s horse riding therapy. The disabled are not able to afford the costs of getting full specialist care. Your generous donation is used for persons with physical challenges to be able to get their own professional support team. It is used to pay a trained team of coaches and volunteers. They are trained to support the rider and to keep them safe.

With your support and gifts, the disabled are able to get up on a saddle and get stronger every day as they thrive to survive. You are responsible for every crackle of laughter that comes out of them.

We will be happy to receive your kind donation. For inquiries on how you can raise funds for our horseback riding program for the disabled, please contact us. We will guide you on the process of our fundraising process.

Sponsor an Event

We host a lot of special events throughout the year. Our event sponsors provide the costs associated with each event. We always recognize our sponsors publicly on the day of the event.

Wish List

We will be happy to receive your donations for our supplies and equipment to help us manage the program. What better way to make the world better than congesting it with joy?

Thank you for your continued support.