It is necessary to adhere to precautions when you encounter horses. We have listed out some safety tips that will help you even if you are not riding a horse. Most accidents that occur can easily be prevented if certain steps are taken.

Horse riding related accidents can be dangerous and cannot be predicted. It could occur as a result of an obstacle along the path when riding. It is safe to say that the risk of injury on horse riding is higher than those riding bikes.

If you are new to riding horses, it is important to first learn how to do so from a professional. It is impossible to learn horseback riding from watching videos online or reading books.

You should have an instructor around you all the time to guide you on the safe methods of riding a horse. Your instructor is usually there not only as a guide but also to prevent accidents from happening while you learn. Most beginners make many mistakes at the early stage of learning.

Here are some safety tips to note when riding a horse:

Wear your helmet

Anytime you choose to go on top of a horse, it is important to have your riding helmet with you. Even if you do not plan to ride a horse, you should still have your riding helmet on when you are around horses. The helmet protects your head in case you fall off the horse. The recommended helmet to get will be an ASTM approved helmet.

Tie your horse right

The worse thing that can happen is when your riding rope is not in the right position. If the lead role is too low or the ropes are too long, it is a problem. It is very possible in this case that the horse can raise its foot over the rope. If you are going to tie the rope, make sure you tie it at eye level so that it is on the horse’s eye level. The needed spacing of the rope just has to be 18 to 24 inches away to separate the horse from the knot.

Keep your instructor close

If you are just learning horseback, you should always be with an instructor any time you are going near a horse. The instructor is there to help you quickly correct mistakes so you don’t get hurt. You should have an instructor around to teach you how to make turns, stops and also to show you different techniques you need to know about horseback riding.

Feed your horse with a bucket:

People think it is cute to feed your horse from their hands. Well, they don’t realize the error until they get nipped. Also, feeding your horse from your hands will make your horse disrespect you. When you have nothing to offer them they will keep pushing you for treats. It is always better to feed them from the bucket. This way you keep your hands safe from being bitten by your horse.


If you want to get down from a horse, it is better you do it the right way to prevent accidents. The proper way to do it will be by sliding down your right foot and it should be facing towards the head of the horse. You should avoid facing the saddle area or rear of the horse when you want to dismount. If you do this, there is a possible chance that your skirt hit the saddle horn and trigger the horse to go in a gallop. It is very dangerous to do this.

Your safety will always remain a primary concern of ours here!