Bannockburn Riding for the Disabled was established to provide horseback riding opportunities to children and adults with disabilities. We have a lot of horses and trained professional guides that are dedicated to helping people with special needs enjoy their riding experience.

We strongly believe that horseback riding is ideal for both the young and the old. We have been providing help for the disabled for many years and have trained people with special needs or disadvantaged to get into the world and fit in. We have organised various programs and events to support the disabled. We give them an opportunity to engage in regular activities so they can blend in the society.

Our staff and volunteers are very dedicated and work tirelessly to ensure that every donation goes to use for the benefit of our people with special needs. We want people to have a lot of fun while enjoying the benefits of riding horses.

Our programs are designed to:

  • Give fun and laughter

  • Give opportunities to those in need

  • Offering independence

  • Teaching new skills.

  • Improve sensory awareness

  • Raise self-esteem.

We will continue to support these special people and offer them the freedom they need to experience the world with no restraints. We have received the support of our dedicated sponsors over the years who have continued to provide all the support we need to keep up our business.

With the help of the donations of our sponsors, we have been able to provide a large number of support staff and horses for people with special needs. We continue to provide therapeutic support to those under our care to help them be free.

We want you to be a part of our cause and we are inviting you today, to make a donation to keep up the good work. Make a difference in the lives of those that we encounter.